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  • We have been servicing Real Estate needs Since 1989
  • We are registered estate agents with valid FFC
  • We are registered Debt Collectors
  • We are socially connected
  • We offer user friendly options for all aspects of your needs
  • 95% of our business is based on referrals
  • Our excellent rental collection success rate owing to our strict placement and stringent credit control procedures
  • We offer levy, rates and taxes payments
  • Our systems are state of the art, allowing us to manage all aspects of our clients property needs. We continuously invest in our systems and technology, to bring clients amongst others, debit orders, eft payments, emailed statements, sms notifications, maintenance logging and total control of their buildings financial position
  • Our marketing includes; internet on a variety of search engines / print media / social media / monthly newsletter
  • Our online system provides Landlords full access to their property's financial affairs, lease agreements, inspections etc.
  • We do entry / exit inspections
  • We have staff dedicated to arranging maintenance, may it be an emergency or only for quotations, calls can be logged 24/7
  • You will have a dedicated Portfolio Manager
  • We offer a One Stop Property Shop: Letting, ST & HOA Management and Sales



Rent your Property through us & benefit with our cost effective Evictions!!!

In today's market being a landlord comes with great risk.

Getting a defaulting tenant out of your property soones rather than later is of extreme importance, but who has funds available for an eviction, when you are already out of pocket due to no rental income?

An unopposed eviction order could cost in excess of R30,000 and if opposed, you are looking at a minimum of R50,000 just on legal fees.

For a fee of R140/ month you will get the following:

  1. If your tenant defaults on rental payment within the 1st 4 months of your subscription, you will only have to pay R6,000 to obtain the eviction order
  2. If your tenant defaults on rental payment within months 5 and 6 of your subscription you will onl have to pay R2,500 to obtain the eviction order
  3. If your tenant defaults on rental payment anytime after 7 months of your subscription you will not pay anything towards legal costs to obtain the eviction order

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